The Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (ADRBI)

is a non-governmental, non-profit institution of public utility, with legal personality, established in 1999, operating under Law 315/2004 regarding regional development in Romania. The basic activity of ADRBI is the provision of specific services to the local public administration and private sector, with the view of developing the Bucharest-Ilfov Region.

ADRBI implements the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Program (REGIO) at the level of the Bucharest-Ilfov region, through several activities:

- information, communication and promotion
- support for strategy development and project development
- evaluation, selection and contracting of projects
- monitoring projects
- checking projects
- technical support

REGIO 2014-2020 aims

To increase the overall economic competitiveness and improve the living conditions of the local and regional communities by supporting the development of the business environment, infrastructure and services for the sustainable development of the regions so that they can effectively manage resources and capitalize on their potential for innovation and assimilation of technological progress.

The estimated financial allocation for

Bucharest-Ilfov region

Total:417.066.909 €
FEDR: 334.555.747 €
Governmental funds: 85.511.162 €

Axa 3

Axis 3

Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

Axa 5

Axis 5

Improving the urban area and preserving, protecting and sustainably capitalizing the cultural heritage

Axa 6

Axis 6

Improving the road infrastructure of regional importance

Axa 3

Axis 10

Improving the educational infrastructure

Expected results at the end of the implementation period (2023)


with a better classification
of energy consumption


tonnes of CO2 or equivalent
estimated annual decrease
of greenhouse gases


cultural heritage


visits to cultural heritage objectives and other financed tourist attractions


green spaces
created or rehabilitated
in urban areas


who will benefit
from better conditions in schools

The funding available through REGIO - Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 is used by the local public authorities in the Bucharest-Ilfov region to improve the living conditions of the citizens and to try ensuring favorable conditions for the socio-economic development of their localities.